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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 26, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's coming up at 7:00. >> for updates anytime just moments away, we are talking about a big wind and a wind chill. tearing down trees and power lines. the winter weather advisory into effect. we will have a live report. >> i am ready for spring. just up 95, a major winter storm dumps more than a foot of snow. >> the president gets ready to push ahead on health care overhaul. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good friday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have huge joining us on this final day of the workweek. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes.
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>> you can hear the wind outside. your forecast was right on. >> there are some power outages this morning. there will be some light snow on the system continues to turn. you will notice some lights notes wars frederick in hagerstown and some flurries better dropping into gaithersburg. temperatures are ready 20's. we do anticipate some snow to do some minor accumulation. i will show the latest warnings and advisories. we are under a high wind advisory until 6:00 tonight. montgomery, prince george's, you have a winter weather and advisory until noon. you could see a quick inch of snow. otherwise, random clouds. windy and cold. we could have gusts near 60 miles per hour. >> in addition to the high
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wind, ritchie marlboro road is closed. problem with the traffic signals along canal road. new york avenue, a problem with those of traffic signals. at 4:00, a truck turned over on the outer loop on 2 270 north between the beltway and old georgetown road. a truck turned on its side. it is a hazmat situation. no word as to whether anyone was injured. i am told it is not visible to southbound 270 drivers. >> thank you. the windy weather. we're getting reports of trees downed and power outages. these problems could get worse. stephen tschida continues our storm watch coverage live from the national mall. good morning. >> it is brutal out here.
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i imagine in feels more like antarctica. you might hear the wind at home. brace yourself if you go outside. it is intense out here. check out these trees. its shares to how hard the wind is blowing. -- it shows how hard the wind is blowing. the winter storm gave us a passing glance. the wind is slapping us hard this morning. it brought down branches and trees. this one came down on bradley boulevard in potomac. check out these flags. the wind is unjust strong. it is cold. it feels like a smacked across the face when it hits you. -- the wind isn't just strong.
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this wind chill is brutal. give yourself some extra time if you're heading outside. the wind could cause problems. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> it does look miserable outside. thank you so much. a winter storm packing wet snow continues to pound the northeast. hools have been closed. widespread power outages have been reported. parts of pennsylvania, new jersey, and new york have a foot or more of snow. dozens of high school students needed to be rescued. they got stuck on the way to a ski outing. topics will include st. pauling's and downed trees. the council will discuss a tre
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removing snow. police officer habeen injured in the line of duty. it happened overnight on north glebe road. >> the officer was inside his vehicle went another driver struck his cruiser. the officer was directing traffic around a blown transformer. we turn to a health care. the democrats only choice may be too ram it through by using rarely use of parliamentary rules. democrats clashed with republicans live on tv yesterday. the president said there will not be another year long debate. " the challenge i have here is every so often we have a good conversation trying to get onto
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specifics and then we go back to the standard talking points that democrats and republicans have had for year. >> this is the shark that swims just below the water. you do not see that sharp. until you feel the teeth of that shark. >> the president says he is not sure of the bridge between the sides can be gaps. the president said he does not want another yearlong debate. the health care summit as the house -- as the house voted to expand some programs to the unemployed. it will provide them with subsidies through the cobra program. the bill now heads to the senate. marion barry faces increasing criticism over his latest scandal. they found barry had contracts
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for his girlfriend and then took kickbacks. his constituents have stood by him over the years. many appear to be fed up. a teenager is missing. police major help in finding him. he was last seen -- she was last seen at home five days ago. she has long brown hair. she has a pierced tongue and a tattoo on her left calf. she suffers from a mini from an illness and does not have her medication. 31 degrees. >> you might want to enjoy metro prices while they last. starting sunday, metro passengers will be digging deeper. >> pace said and to a missing searched for an actor. >> there are delays to tell you about on 270.
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a tractor trailer has rolled over. lisa baden will tell us about the trouble spots.
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now over 150 of my hand-picked items are going up on the auction block and could end up in your closet if you want to. i'll tell you how. >> plus, l
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5:10. welcome back to "good morning washington." adam caskey live in falls church. you probably know what that means. we have a new snow sculpture. walter is at it again. it is his fifth in february alone. it's a testament to how much snow has fallen. this is a downhill skier. he has coldest snowy miller. this is the fifth so far of the winter. he might be able to do one more if we get another snowstorm. we might get some light snow next week. we will see gusty wind today and some light snow. along 70, we have a little bit of light snow, especially
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northern frederick county. otherwise gusty across the rest of the region. we have a high wind warning with wind gusts of approaching 60 miles per hour. high temperatures in the upper 30's this afternoon and gusty. >> 8 truck turned over this morning carrying bananas. -- a truck turned over this morning. they are literally driving the truck to the side of the roadway. hazmat crews are on the " seemed to take care of a fuel spill. hopefully they will have 270 northbound open soon. it will be hours of cleanup on the side of the road. it is not visible to the rush hour direction, southbound. we take you to virginia where we have the wind but no accidents.
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metro rail is on normal service. alison and doug. >> thank you. 5:12, 31 degrees. >> 10 billion and counting. a major milestone for online music. >> if you ride metro, make sure you bring extra cash with you. we will tell you why coming up you bring extra cash with you. we will tell you why coming up some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran. with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals and the luscious taste of plump, juicy raisins d crunchy whole grain flakes. ... ... guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a coupon.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. we welcome you back on this friday. let's check our top stories. charles rangel says an ethics panel finding against him are
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disturbing. there was a violation of house rules. police in vancouver say they have found the body of a missing actor. , andrew koenig. his father said he took his own life. the official cause of death is not known. he suffered from depression. he was on the tv show "growing pains." a south korean figure skater soaker gold last night. joannie rochette from canada took the bronze. few women out of the canadian hockey team are in a bit of hot water. they were found celebrating out on the ice drinking alcohol and smoking cigars. . ioc is investigating the accident. today is one of the last
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days you can go on metro for $1.65. there will be a fare hike. courtney robinson has more. >> good morning. on sunday, you'll be paying $1.75. this is part of metro's way of making up for a deficit. it will be through june. permanent changes could be on the way. a decrease in revenue, an increase in expenses, and now you are paying more. >> i think it is ridiculous. it takes so long to get on the metro. >> starting on sunday, passengers will pay 10-cent increase. even the elderly will pay 5 cents. it is an effort to close a $189 million deficit facing metro.
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>> we're looking at how the budget can go together. >> they say it is short term but is likely passengers will dig into their pockets. one thing that metro has said is that there will try to avoid slashing any service to passengers. that is something that is still on the table and some. the board will be discussing. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the ntsb has wrapped up a hearing. federal investigators say they will use information as they determine what caused the crash. experts testified that some agencies operate with some errors. the camera from a high reliability organizations to improve safety. 5:18. the big story is the dangerous
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wind outside. >> that is not an overstatement. did you say 60 miles per hour? >> that is correct. for his a high wind warning. the wind can be sustained at 40 and will cost up to 60 miles per hour. the storm is pummeling philadelphia, the new jersey shore, and parts of new york city, long island. we're on the outer edge of it. north and east of the immediate district could see some snow fall this morning. there is winr weather advisory. it is not widespread. everyone could see a snow shower or two. there is an advisory. i want to show you some of the costs we have seen. 56 mile per hour in milton. 54 in leesburg.
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if the wind is howling. let's go to the maps . we anticipate a winter weather advisory until noon. the whole area is under a wind warning. the storm continues deep into our north and east. it will make a twisty pattern. it stays in close proximity. we have a chance of some snow showers. just a few flurries around. things will calm down by sunday and monday. march begins on mond. >> cheering for mdot. a tractor-trailer it turned over on 270 northbound between the beltway and old georgetown road. i will take you to a map. they managed to drag it to the shoulder. now the you're doing a cleanup of the fuel spill.
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southbound 270 cannot say what is happening on the other theou 10 billion an accounting for itunes. a major >> an embarrassing glitch on facebook raises new privacy questions. some members received hundreds of personal messages wednesday night the were not intended for them. facebook set to problem was quickly fixed. it is not clear how many facebook users were affected. at&t's efforts to improve their wireless network seems to be paying off. a new speed tt finds at&t now has a fastest download time. there were 67% faster than
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sprint, t-mobile, and verizon. at&t scored the lowest in a test about eight months ago. we have a new device. the abbee is a table top radio the records fm stations but only the music. it works but there are some drawbacks. >> sometimes you lose the beginning or end of the song. dj's sometimes talk into a song. you also may miss the dj at times because you do not know the song you are listening to. i think to under $50 is too much to pay for fm with or without commercials. >> a major milestone for itunes. the solar 10 billion song on tuesday.
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-- they've sold thei $10 billion10 billionth' song. this grandfather has a lot more downloading to do. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i'm vanita nair. >> i think that is a great story. he said, what am i going to do with 10,000 songs? an unlikely winner. 5:23 is your time. 31 degrees. >> the last one to leave, please turn out the lights. we say to buy to a local gymnasium. >> later, oprah is live from chicago. she has items from her wardrobe to put up for auction.
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a basketball shrine closed last night. i played there in cyo and i would go there to watch a great players. last night, could cancel and de matha played the last game before the move into their new stadium. the current players seem to appreciate the significance of the night. he jerry grant with the steel.
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the slam at the other end. the highlights never seem to diminish. the math so winds and had great success. duke extended its winning streak to seven seven games. they pulled away to beat tulsa. duke runs its record to 24-4. the play of virginia on sunday and maryland's next wednesday. there is a look at sports. have a great day. >> thank you. the news continues at 5:30. >> new details from an 11-year- old. police are looking for more suspects. >> other areas in the northeast are getting pounded with wicked weather. i will have a live report coming up. >> we do have a winter weather
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advisory north and east of town. a high-wind warning for the entire area. we'll talk about the weekend.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. 5:30 is your time on this friday morning. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. >> the high wind could be causing some big problems. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> some people already are without power. adams said he lost power at this morning. the wind is in issue. we could see some snow north and
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east of town. there is an adviser. there could be some minor snow accumulation. let's look at the doppler radar outside the sporting. we will see a variable clouds and some light snow. it will translate slowly to the south and east. we will see improvement in most places. we will see sunshine here and there. very windy. 30's. the wind will make it seem like the teens. >> with the power outages, it has knocked out a lot of traffic signals. we will take you to send video of a tractor-trailer on its side. this is northbound 270 after the beltway, but before the exit for old georgetown road. the truck is loaded with bananas. no one was injured. they have managed to move the
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truck to the side. they are offloading all of the fuel out of the saddle tank of the truck. there will spread sand in the roadway and will allow northbound traffic to begin. they will come back after the rush hour and offload all of the bananas. >> they will be slipping on peels out there. thank you. let's check in with adam caskey. no. we will do that later. gusts are expected up to 50 miles per hour. stephen tschida it is live on the national mall. steven? " we're having trouble keeping the camera in place. the lights are blowing over. if you head outside, bundle of. the wind is wicked. just listen to which howl.
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the storm give us a passing glance. the wind is slapping us hard this morning. it brought down branches and trees. this one came down overnight in potomac. check out these flags along pennsylvania avenue. they are flapping. the wind isn't just strong. it is cold. it feels like a cold snap across the face when it hits you. you can see those trees. they are blowing around in this wind. we saw a box whip across the mall like a tumbleweed used to say in the desert. realistically, this is more like what we would experience up and international falls, minnesota. it is cold. it is tough getting aroun. just walking around. give yourself extra time this morning.
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>> that wind knocking out the shot. thank you. minimal power outages. pepco is reporting 2100 outages. dominion virginia has 944. bg&e has 668 passengers without power so far. the storm is punishing parts of pennsylvania, new jersey, and new england. if the storm is being blamed on three deaths. the worst is yet to come. pamela brown is live with a look at some of the damage there. >> we just saw that we have high wind. other parts of the northeast are getting pounded with a powerful combination of snow, wind, and rain. airports are closed. this could be the big storm we have seen this winter.
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mother nature is giving no rest for the weary. the massive storm swirling around the northeast is shutting down cities in new york, massachusetts, and virginia. cars are banned on major highways. hundreds of national guard troops were called in to help. at one point, they rescued high school students that got stuck on the way to a ski outing. flooding rain is causing tens of thousands of power outages. >> it will get better. it cannot get much worse. >> more than 1300 flights have been canceled. the storm proved deadly in new york city. this could be the beginning. the storm is expected to intensify over the next 24 hours and the worst could come
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overnight. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> they are still having school in new york today. thank you so much. hundreds of flights have been canceled. u.s. airways has canceled over 350 flights just in our area. southwest airlines grounded most flights in and out of philadelphia. 5:36, 31 windy degrees. >> one family's desperate plea for answers after a brutal attack on an 11-year-old child. >> is the country any closer to health care reform? i will have answers, coming up. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. snowy miller.
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>> hello. i am the assistant principal at st. peter's catholic school in olney, maryland. will like to say -- >> and morning, washington! and we say good morning, washington, as well.
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5:39. yes strong and potential dangers of wind. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we start with adam caskey. i hope somebody has tied you down. he is in falls church at the home of a guy who produces incredible snow sculptures. >> walter blister with his wife julie and his daughter. he is an architect by trade. -- walter lives with his wife, julie. this february, conditions have committed for snow sculptures. this is his fifth of the month. he had a grasshopper, a shark, a seale, and now he has this one. the inspiration is from a downhill skier. he calls snowde miller. -- he calls it snowde miller.
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you can swing by beech tree elementary school. it is just across the street from there. it feels like 16 when the wind blows. you can see the snow mainly around baltimore. it is just clapping northern parts of annapolis and anne arundel county and up towards hagerstown. that is where most of the snow should be confined today. some minor accumulations in those areas. winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. highs in the mid and upper 30's. it is a good thing i set my backup on my cell phone because i woke up to no power this morning. >> it is a good thing you are not in the studio because you probably did not shower. we have some issues going on with power outages knocking out traffic signals.
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we have a couple of trees down. one remains in the roadway at ritchie marlboro road. we take it to video of a truck on its side. northbound 270 is closed between the beltway and old georgetown road. they should have northbound 270 opens within the next half an hour. then there will come back after the rush hour to clean up the mess. >> the mess of bananas. thank you. 5:42, 31 degrees. >> the latest from the latestwhale attack betsy world. an autopsy sheds new light on the cause of death. >> look at the fight over hea
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you've got a strawberry pop-tart, but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. that, on the list of things kids love, our party pizzas have just passed toy robots.
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awkward. kids love totino's party pizzas.
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brand new pictures. you are looking at the aftermath of a massive fire that is raging in new hampshire. it's a popular resort. the blaze began at a hotel but spread to buildings because of the raging wind. rescue crews say the flames destroyed an entire block. no reports of injuries. we will bring you more as we get it. officials think it was the pony tail of the trainer that triggered an attack. the woman died from multiple traumatic injuries and from drowning. the killer whale is linked to
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two other deaths spurred he will be part of the whale show when seaworld reopens. bob dylan was honored last by at the white house. among the other 20 recipients were activist and holocaust survivor elie wiesel. 5:47. president obama says we cannot have another yearlong debate over health care. they had a daylong summit yesterday. mr. obama suggested democrats would try to pass an overhaul without gop support. viviana hurtado has the latest. >> president wants health care reform legislation passed by march. otherwise, he will ask congress
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to temporarily set it aside. republicans and democrats defended their territory while trying to gain political ground. >> i think today took a step closer to passage. >> mr. obama invited republicans to hear their ideas. that would allow americans to purchase insurance across state lines. there were few areas of agreement on how to provide corage for the more than 40 million uninsured americans. you kilometers have proposed a more modest step by step approach. changing medical malpractice laws. the american people want reform but not on the negotiating table. >> the american people want us to scrap this bill. >> starting from scratch is off the table. >> we have to make decisions.
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>> which side came out ahead? both, according to some. gop lawmakers prevented concrete reform ideas. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. >> thank you. the virginia house and senate have approved versions of the budget. this is an effort to bridge a $4 billion budget gap. the senate version relies on increased fees to avoid deeper cuts to health care. the house bill provides $620 million in education cuts. police are looking for more suspects in the rape of a girl in silver spring. her grandfather said he cannot comprehend what has happened. the girl was playing in a park on tuesday. police say two men grabbed her
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and forced her into an apartment. two suspects were arrested. relatives say the girl is doing ok. closing arguments are set today in a street racing case. prosecutors say two men were racing when one car struck and killedight people. if convicted, taylor faces up to 50 years in prison. 5:50 on friday morning. the wind is howling out there. >> unbelievable. they kept me awake last night. no power outages for me. >> i did have a power outage. good thing i had it a lamp on. i was set to go. >> do you think of everything. >> i love the gadgets. i think everyone needs a head a
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plant. i got one for brian for christmas. -- i think everyone needs a head lamp. we're back in falls church. we have been here in february. we have a new snow sculpture. we are across beech tree elementary school. this is inspired by then covert 2010. he calls snowde miller. cutting a turn and going down the hill. notice the goggles. this looks detailed to me. walter said the snow has been beat up over the last couple of months. it is granulated. he cldn't get as high of a resolution of detail. he did a great job. this is bigger than life. it took him six hours yesterday. we see most of the sw in baltimore and hagerstown, down
5:52 am
70 and up 15 and near gettysburg. just inching towards northern parts of anne arundel county. the main storm system is moving backwards, east to west. that is one reason why we are still windy today. it will be windy all day and gusty tomorrow. how high are the wind gust? >> in the '50s. 53 in brunswick. 41 in alexandria. we had some higher ones. these are impressive. temperatures in the 20's when you figure in the wind chill factor. dressed in layers and cover yourself up. the storm system continues to turn. the wind is up to 40 miles per hour. we have seen power outages and downed trees. we have a high wind warning
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until 6:00 p.m. tonight. frederick, montgomery, prince george, you could see a quick hit of snow and maybe some minor accumulations. we will be in and out of the clouds. it will feel ever so much colder because of the wind. breezy and windy. less wind up by saturday and sunday. next week, more snow is possible. >> possible slow down leaving the beltway to go north on 270. you cannot do that for the time being. we will look at virginia traffic. 66 is starting to bunch up at 50. 95 is open to the beltway. nothing to report on 395. this is a tractor-trailer that turned over this morning between the beltway and old georgetown road on 270. the man is to drag it to the
5:54 am
side of the road. >> what day mess. thank you. 31 now over 150 of my hand-picked items are going up on the auction block and could end up in your closet if you want to. i'll tell you how. >> plus, l
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a local newspaper to deliver now has his job back. " he's been delivering the paper since 1974. there was a miscommunication about an alternative place to
5:57 am
pick up the paper. he didn't deliver them for more than a week. his boss was unhappy and fired them. >> when it came around to nday, people were shoveling out. i could not get down there. >> i figed if it wasn't showing up, the must've been a good reason. >> some customers threaten to stop their subscriptions if he was not rehired. he has asked nebraska to return to work this morning. >> that is great news. -- he has asked north dakota to return to work. he is pretty reliable. >> good for him. -- he has asked eddie to return to work. metro riders, gear ready to dig a little bit bdeeper.
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the wind whips across the region occurred i will show you the damage in a moment. >> lisa baden is coming back with more details on a tractor- trailer truck that is causing problems along 270.
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